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Meet Ray Logsdon, an Esteemed 10 Year R-Plus Doors’ Representative


Ray Logsdon, with H.E. Myers & Associates, is an esteemed R-Plus Doors representative and is approaching his tenth year representing R-Plus Doors.

Ray began his career in refrigeration in 1972 as a refrigeration tech and worked his way into a service manager position. In 1982, he began his sales career with Larkin Coils and eventually joined Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration as their Regional Sales Manager in 1985. After six years, Ray left Heatcraft and joined H.E. Myers & Associates as a manufacturers’ representative. In this role, he is able to sell a variety of products including display cases, doors, refrigeration equipment, and walk-in coolers and freezers.

Ray emphasizes the importance of his product lines being high quality and complimenting each other. For those reasons, Ray is proud to represent R-Plus Doors. According to Ray, “R-Plus Doors’ product line is easy to sell and most jobs end with satisfied customers. Contractors have everything they need to install and they always give positive feedback”.

Ray is happy to be an R-Plus Doors representative and we’re happy to have him. Rick Schermerhorn, President and CEO of R-Plus Doors, regards Ray as invaluable.

“Ray has intimate knowledge of R-Plus Doors’ line because he makes the effort to truly understand the product. I can count on him to work on behalf of R-Plus Doors as well as the customer because he understands the job should be a win-win for both parties. His integrity makes him my trusted eyes and ears in his territory”, says Schermerhorn.

Aside from his representative position, Ray enjoys golfing, fishing, and antiquing. He is a proud owner of a Triumph TR6, a British six-cylinder sports car, which he maintains himself. “Working on my Triumph TR6 is therapeutic and a fun hobby”, says Logsdon.

When asked about how he enjoys his job, Ray replied, “if you like what you do, and I do, you will never have to work a day in your life. Seeing a project completed is what I enjoy, and I’ll absolutely be staying in this line of work.”

Be sure to connect with Ray Logsdon, R-Plus Doors’ representative for Delaware, Maryland, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. There’s no doubt, he’ll be able to help you with any of your R-Plus Door needs.

Paul Hanawalt, President of Delta T Sales, Inc. has much to Offer as an R-Plus Doors Representative

Delta T Sales, Inc.

Delta T Sales, Inc.

Paul Hanawalt, President of Delta T Sales, Inc. and R-Plus Doors Representative in Northern California, has a long history in the foodservice industry. In the 1980’s, Paul began building wood framed walk-ins, installing units in mini markets, liquor stores and more. From there, Paul accepted a carpenter position at a general contracting company and within three years, he was a partner in the company. Six years later Paul decided to transition into contracting refrigeration.

During the 90’s, Paul undertook the challenge of upgrading gas stations into mini marts. This role required a 4:00 a.m. start on Monday mornings and a late night return home on Fridays to meet the average of one mini mart installed per week. Paul traveled 100,000 miles each year working these installations. Being the family oriented person that he is, Paul decided to shift into occupations that kept him closer to home.

Although working at Delta T Sales, Inc. still requires long days and nights, Paul mentioned, “It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I get the convenience of working from home while also getting out of the office to visit contractors.”

With more time on his hands, Paul enjoys time with his family, his two dogs, a Malamute and a Cho/Australian mix; and partakes in his hobbies, which include backcountry skiing, hiking and photography.

Since June of 2005, Paul has represented R-Plus Doors in Northern California. He’s a valuable employee according to Nick Stahl, R-Plus Doors Customer Service Manager, who says, “Paul’s the type of guy that’s always getting things done. He’s motivated, knowledgeable and a great guy that brings a lot to the R-Plus Doors team.”

Paul’s diversified roles in the foodservice industry allows him to apply a wealth of knowledge. Whether you’re interested in doors, refrigeration, contracting, carpentry, HVAC controls or energy conservation; Paul has you covered. Be sure to connect with Paul Hanawalt at Delta T Sales, Inc., a valuable foodservice equipment resource and R-Plus Doors representative.