RPlus Walk In Cold Strorage Doors, Kitchens

R-Plus Doors: Respected in the Industry for Over 40 Years

R-Plus Cold Storage Doors meet exacting standards for walk-in cooler and freezer, commercial cold storage, and scientific chamber needs. Over 40 years of experience is built into every door and walk-in cooler and freezer manufacturers use R-Plus doors as original equipment on their walk-in coolers and freezers.

As times changed, R-Plus Cold Storage Doors changed, too. We tested new polyurethane insulations and moved them into production, helping to protect the environment and hold down expensive energy costs.

We designed and implemented a new hinge for swing doors that adjusts for variances in walk-in coolers and freezers measurements after installation, when it is too late to correct many other doors. This same adjustable hinge saves the day when an older walk-in cooler or freezer begins to settle and doors sag with that settling.

We developed a retrofit cold storage door line that fits into older door opening—or into any section of panels where a new door is needed. The R-Plus Cold Storage Replacement Door can stand on its own and actually strengthens the space where it is installed. This saves hours of design difficulty and replacement installation problems of taking an entire panel out of an installation to retrofit a cold storage door.

But, along with the leadership we never forgot that service is the backbone of our business. We built a nationwide network of regional Sales Representatives who work with your favorite local dealers to make buying and using an R-Plus Door easy.