RPlus Walk In Cold Storage Vertical Lift Doors

When the ceiling may be too low or there is not enough space to either side to open a sliding door, R-Plus Lift Doors are your solution. All doors come in manual or powered versions, depending on your preference and limited clearance requirements, with powered doors featuring high-speed operation with two pull-cord switches.

Sectional or Full Lift
These R-Plus cold storage doors meet your needs where ceiling heights or side-to-side clearance are limited.

Both our full lift doors and sectional doors maintain the same thermal efficiency of our swinging and sliding doors, but they deliver greater space use advantages. Available in all sizes up to 12 feet by 12 feet, larger sizes can be constructed from multiple panels using the cam-lock system. Both styles can be ordered in manual or powered versions, and a special hi-lift version is available for maximum clearance to meet the needs at each individual site.

Sectional doors use heat cables between all outer edges and all sections to ensure clean and smooth movement. Powered full lift doors use a pneumatic safety edge and heat cable around the full perimeter of the door. Both door styles use a torsion spring counterbalanced lifting system rated for 20,000 cycles.

All our doors feature neoprene bulb-type seals that are easily replaced, along with door panels of foamed in place polyurethane for structural rigidity and the highest insulating values in the industry. The complete list of available options is comprehensive.