RPlus Walk In Cold Storage Vertical Lift Doors

R-Plus High Lift Sectional Doors for Cold Storage

R-Plus High Lift Sectional Doors meet the need for exceptional access to cold-storage facilities in both manual and electric models. Standard widths up to 12 feet wide, height is adjustable for maximum clearance; consult the factory for larger sizes. These doors are used on loading docks, aisle ways, obstructed areas, or wherever directional side clearance and ceiling height are limited.

Seals between the R-Plus high lift door sectional panels provide the same insulating characteristics as solid doors. Freezer models use heat cables between all outer edges and between sections to ensure smooth and consistent operation.

Manual Doors
Manual High Lift Sectional doors use a heavy-duty torsion spring counterbalance lifting system rated for 20,000 cycles to ensure easy opening and closing (optional longer life springs are available). Heavy-duty galvanized track is pre-mounted to the side frames for easy installation. Features include:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Installation – job-site adjustment flexibility
  • Heavy-Duty Track Assembly and Hardware
  • Class 1 CFC-Free Foam Insulation
  • Torsion Spring Counterbalance – rated at 20,000 cycles
  • Water Resistant Side Frames – PVC insulated base
  • Heat Cables – freezer models have cables at all outer edges and between door panel sections
  • Easily Removable Closed Cell Gasket – provides an airtight seal

Powered Doors
Powered doors feature high-speed operation with two pull-cord switches and a pneumatic safety edge on the bottom. Features include all Manual Door features, plus:

  • Rapid Open/Close – 18 inches per second
  • Easy Set-Up – adjustable limit switch and motor are mounted and pre-wired
  • Bottom Safety Edge – provides instant stop and reverse on contact
  • Standard, Readily Available Components – no waiting for special manufacturing cycles during repair or maintenance
  • Proven Performance – field tested through over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Low Maintenance – auto alert when maintenance is needed