RPlus Walk In Cold Storage Sliding Doors

When you need to move big loads in a hurry, R-Plus horizontal sliding doors can manage the traffic. Our door sizes easily handle lift truck and pallet jack traffic, while staying usable for walk-in traffic, and both single and double door style can be motorized or manual.

Manual double doors are easily parted in any order to allow personnel pass-through and motorized single doors can be fitted with a personnel door that helps maintain environment integrity by exposing a smaller interior area to air infiltration.

You see these beefy doors used on exterior docks with heavy lift activity and interior doorways of cold storage facilities. The powered doors feature high-speed parting action to minimize environmental exposure. Every size is available up to 12 feet by 12 feet, and that can be enlarged using multiple cam-locked sections. Heavy-duty tracks, rollers, and hanger bar are available when required, delivering superior usability over a long lifetime.

As with our other doors, neoprene bulb-type seals are easily replaced and come heated for freezer applications. The door panels are polyurethane, foamed in place for structural rigidity and the highest insulating values in the industry. The complete list of available options is comprehensive.