A typical problem with walk-in cooler and freezer swing doors is over time they lose the proper alignment with the frame. Floors settle and buildings shift as they age, especially if the building is new. The walk-in door that perfectly sealed when installed may later sag to one side or another, bleeding costly cooling to the outside environment.

Our new adjustable hinge quickly returns the door to the proper alignment using simple tools. This same hinge makes initial mounting adjustment much easier and faster, so the door seals when first installed and does not require a return visit.

These hinges make our doors completely field adjustable by loosening the hinge strap bolts just four or five turns and then moving the door vertically and horizontally to the proper fit.

Specifications include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal adjustment, up to 5/16 inch over 360 degrees
  • ¼” machine bolts
  • 5/32″ corrosion-resistant steel backing

This adjustable hinge sets new standards for quality, reliability and ease of use.